Evans Vanodine Glaze All in One Dishwash Tablets

£15.07 (Excl. VAT)

Individually wrapped tablets which remove difficult foodstuffs. Leaves crockery, cutlery & glassware sparkling, clean & bright.

No need to handle the tablet the water-soluble wrapper dissolves during the wash cycle.

Contains an active stain remover & enzymes to cut through greasy food protein.

The rinse aid additive ensures a brilliant shine on crockery & glassware.

Built in salt action leaves dishes spotless & also helps to keep the machine clean.

Leaves stainless steel items with an extra shine & sparkle.

With the added glass protector, glasses are protected against the effect of corrosion keeping them looking newer for longer.

Helps to overcome the build-up of limescale in dishwashing machines.

Efficient cleaning even on a short cycle wash.

Provides a clean fresh lemon fragrance to washed items & the machine.